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About Us

Meet Asha, the owner and founder of A.Kálon Unlimited. She is the self-published author and creative force behind a series of transformative workbook journals. Driven by her passion for helping others unlock their full potential, Asha combines her expertise in personal development with her love for writing to craft engaging and insightful resources. Her journals offer a safe space for introspection and growth, guiding readers throught the journey of self-discovery, relationship-building, and personal betterment.

She enjoys candle making, meditating, traveling, helping others and of course, writing! As a working mother, Asha dedicates her days to meeting the needs of others. When she retreats to her home life, she enjoys using candles to create a relaxing, fun and tranquil environment. 


For Asha, raising her children is the most important job in the world. Her goal as a mother is to create a happy home that her children will always want to return to. 
Asha began her meditation and journaling practice in 2019 after dealing with lifes many obstacles. Feeling the positive effects that meditation had, she began seeing the need for safe spaces and necessary tools for those experiencing similar struggles. From that need and her passion to bring awareness to mental health and help other become a better version of themselves, she extended her business to include Meditated with A.Kálon.