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Meditated Candle Care


Give It Time.

For the first burn allow wax to fully melt to the outer edges until the entire layer liquefied (usually 3 hours on larger candles, at least an hour on smaller candles) before blowing it out! Extinguishing too soon causes wax to tunnel (burn straight down) and then you’re missing out on so much candle!



Trim Your Wick.

Keeping your wick trimmed prevents all of that extra soot from flying around and sticking to the sides of your tin/jar. Wicks should be kept at around 1/4″ for best possible burning!



Safety First!

Always keep burning candle in sight.

Never leave candle unattended.

Keep burning candle away from children and pets.

Keep candle away from draft areas.

Do not burn candle for more than 3 hours at a time.


Burning your candle all the way down is a fire hazard. Instead, toss it when there's two inches of wax left in a freestanding candle or ½ inch in a container candle.