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SET YOUR INTENTIONS scented candles

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SET YOUR INTENTIONS scented candles

Use these candles on your alter or in your home during your time of meditation & prayer. All Meditation Intentions candles are naturally scented with oils & herbs.

Our Heavily Meditated Candle contains oils (lemongrass, lavender, tea tree & eucalyptus) dried lavender to provide a relaxing floral note and raw Citrine which is known to carry the power to stimulate the chakras, clearing the mind. These herbs and oils promote healing, peace, tranquility and purification.

Our secure the Bag Candle contains Eucalyptus, citrus & money drawing oils)  as well as herbs such as sage. These herbs and oils are known to help increase one's financial abundance whether it be in business, prosperity and success.

Our business plan Candle contains Lemon, Peppermint, Brahmi, & Copaiba oils as well as Rosemary Lemongrass. These elements are known to enhance ones ability to gain new knowledge, improve concentration and aide in unveiling ones vision and inner purpose. Clear confusion and focus your mind to move forward with clarity.

Our self love Candle contains oils frankincense & lavender as well as a dried rose bud. While lighting your candle state your affirmations out aloud. Take a moment to meditate, visualize and ease into a state of relaxation.

Our No Bad Vibes Candle contains oils (dragons blood, lavender & peppermint) as well as herbs that provide an effective means to aid you in any type of protection. These herbs and oils are known to help guard against negative influences and intentions.