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Workbook Journals

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Workbook Journals

**Behind Closed Doors: A Journal for Couples-They say no one knows what happens behind closed doors...Here you will find the ultimate guide to keeping your relationship on the right track. The core of this unique couple's journal is designed to help you and your partner develop a deeper connection and understanding of each other. You will find couple exercises, goal setting strategies, scripted questions to ask each other and tips on how to keep it spicy! The goal is to promote healthy communication, positive thinking and a deeper connection for you and your BAE!
If you are ready to commit to 6-weeks of togetherness you are in the right place. Grab your copy today!

**But, Did you Pray?- Take your spiritual and prayer life to another level with this workbook journal. This workbook journal is more than just lines on paper. Journaling is therapeutic and helps with inner healing. This journal contains scriptures, journal prompts, and plenty of space for you to write and pray. Here is the tool you need to help you truly give it God!
*Hardcover is the 2nd Edition with an extension to the 21 days of Prayer Challenge, more lover letters to God, and prayers to get you started.

Can also be purchased on Amazon, search Author name: Asha Kalon